Improve Culture and Processes to Achieve Excellence through Partnering with Laity

Thursday, April 25, 2019

April 25, 2019

A Two-Day Workshop with John Dyer, sponsored by the Leadership Development Team.  Clergy are invited, as well as Associates and Professional Ministry Staff whose senior pastors have previously attended a Partnering with Laity workshop.

May 22-23, 2019  @  Catholic Conference Center, Hickory, NC

The workshop will be Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. through 8:30 p.m. and on Thursday from 8:30 until 4:00 p.m.

Registration is $50 per person, which includes meals (lunch Monday through lunch Tuesday) and overnight lodging.

You are invited to join John Dyer, a life-long member of the United Methodist Church with over 30 years of experience helping organizations achieve their improvement goals, in a two-part training event. The workshop will consist of a two day, highly interactive, hands-on training class that will help leaders focus on developing, coaching, and mentoring lay leadership to achieve significant improvement in processes and culture. You will find the learnings valuable for your own ministry, as well as for the ministry of the entire congregation.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn the difference between management and leadership and the 4 different styles of leadership and which style is appropriate for a given situation
  • Explore what it takes to develop a successful team plus learn tools that will help a team define and improve a process such as Process Mapping, 5S, PDCA, and techniques to help a team reach consensus on a path toward improvement
  • Understand the difference between Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Values and how each can be used to develop an inspirational and exciting path toward excellence

Improving Culture and Processes to Achieve Excellence
How does the word “Excellence” apply to the United Methodist Church?  What does excellence mean to a grieving father who just lost his wife to cancer or to first-time visitors wanting to learn more about how a relationship with Jesus Christ can improve their lives?  How would a chaperone for a group of youth about to embark on a mission trip to Uganda for the first time define excellence?  What would an excellent process look like when trying to maintain (or even expanding) church facilities or when addressing the financial side of ministry?  Excellence is a goal many organizations around the world are trying to achieve by improving their leadership skills, defining and improving their processes, and developing an inspirational vision to clarify a direction forward.  Many of these same tools and methodologies can be applied to the UMC to help develop a culture of partnership between clergy, staff, and laity that, with God’s guidance, can achieve amazing results.

After attending Partnering with Laity, Karen Easter Bayne shared: 
“All of us who took this course agreed that this class has the greatest potential for transformation of local churches.  Any clergy or church leader who attends John’s workshop will find lots of practical ideas to help their church become more effective and fruitful.  Our leaders are still talking about the ideas he  taught, the focus he helped us claim for the year ahead, and how much more hopeful and excited they are about ways we can make improvements that will bring new life to Dilworth UMC.  They were engaged and had fun.”
Presenter and Facilitator
John Dyer is president of the JD&A, Inc. – Process Innovations.  He started his career with General Electric and then worked for Ingersoll-Rand before starting his own consulting company.  He has held a variety of lay leadership positions in the United Methodist Church including being the chair of SPRC, Council of Ministries, Stewardship, and Administrative Board.  John is currently the Lay Leader for Williamson’s Chapel UMC.  He is also a Contributing Editor for IndustryWeek magazine a periodical focused on helping organizations achieve their improvement goals.

For more information about the workshop, please reach out to John at (704) 307-0306 or

For questions about registration or participating, please reach out to Kim Ingram or Marsha Patton.

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