Mentoring Pew Sitters Into Servant Leaders

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022

“Mentoring Pew Sitters into Servant Leaders: Developing Servant Leader Volunteers Through Mentoring”

Led by Rev. Dr. Michael D. Kurtz, LMFT, DMIN
            WNCC Clergy
A Peer Learning Group Opportunity
It can be discouraging finding a church of pew-sitters when we need servant leaders.  Too often persons are content to sit and absorb rather than to rise up and serve. Both our human nature and our consumer culture resist sacrifice, commitment, and service. There must be a different and a better way to inspire, enlist and retain active and ample ministry volunteers from what is often the congregational scarcity status quo. There is a better way. The way involves a relational and vocational approach through a mentoring ministry. You are invited to participate in this workshop and engage in a dialog that seeks this better way.

The workshop is based on research Michael did for his DMin and used to write a book. It will be interactive and engaging. The book will be mailed to each participant prior to the workshop, but it is not required to read prior to participation.
Sessions include:
1. A look at, and assessment of, the issue/dilemma of why people do not volunteer?   And, re-forming and re-framing our style of recruitment...
2.  The Necessity of Pruning (Programs, ministries, poisonous and dysfunctional)
3.  Being Intentional and Pervasive concerning Mentoring Ministry and Establishing a mentoring culture
4.  Implementing a Mentoring Process
Session Dates & Times
September 19th and 20th
Each session will meet from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Lunch will be provided.
Appalachian District office in Wilkesboro
Cost per Participant: $20 (includes lunch, book, and experience). Space is limited!
Participants will receive Michael Kurtz' Book as part of the Learning Opportunity
Deadline to Register: September 10, 2022.
As a result of attending and participating in this workshop, participants should realize the following ministry-related outcomes:
1. Biblical and theological foundation for mentoring ministry
2. Identify the difference between content-driven ministries and process-guided ministries.
3.  Identify perceived barriers for volunteering
4.  Eliminating the downward drag of ministry clutter in one's ministry locale.
5.  The leader and self-awareness:  Doing our homework for healthy relationships and more fruitful ministry
6.  A simple but profound three-part plan for multiplying servant leaders.
7.  Implementing a mentoring culture and process in participant's ministry context.

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