Hesitant to Trust God

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
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September 6, 2022

By Monique Luckey

At the end of last year, we had a very unexpected death of a young man from our community.  We all gathered around the family; sending cards, praying with them, and asking them if there's anything we can do to support them.   Be careful when you make that statement because it can come back to you. The family asked me if I would read the scriptures at the funeral. One thing I do not like to do, is read in public, especially reading scripture at a funeral. I had every excuse about why cannot do this. I get nervous and stumble over words. I felt like Moses who was not a gifted speaker. He was hesitant to trust God when he told him he would lead the Israelites (Exodus 4). 
Then I remembered the family sitting at home, hearts heavy, lacking sleep, and hurting because their loved one is gone so unexpectedly. If I can take one thing off their plate, the least I can do is read a scripture.  The scripture was Psalms 103. I practiced reading it over and over again, so I was familiar with it.
Psalms 103 gives me so much hope, blessing, and praise to God that it lifted me.  Despite our feelings of shortcomings, when God calls us to serve Him, He believes that we have all the necessary gifts required to complete our mission. Success in God’s kingdom is never based on our gifts alone but on our obedience to His call.
How would the church function if we had people taking the attitude of Moses today? Would members be sitting around next to you who don’t appear to have a “leadership bone” in their body? Would it be you, not taking initiative when God calls you to do the work of the Lord? “The key to Moses’ great leadership was his anointing and his love for God; not his personality.” We all have gifts and talents we can give to the Lord but we bury them in the ground, so no one discovers them. Somebody may call on them or you to do something.,7670