When you're overworked and burnt out ...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016

by Michael Hyatt Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and unproductive? We all have those days sometimes, but they may be getting more frequent. The World Health Organization reports that workplace stress costs businesses $300 billion each year. That’s a lot of burnout! If you just keep going, the problem will get worse. You need to adjust how you’re operating. Here’s a simple diagnostic checklist to get back on your feet at work. If you’re suffering from exhaustion and burnout, read this post! Here are a few other things you shouldn’t miss:
  • On Monday, Michele Cushatt and I talked about how to survive a crisis in the newest podcast episode. As a leader, you can either spread peace or panic during challenging times. Here are five survival secrets to help you weather life’s storms!

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