Resources for Clergy Families

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27, 2015

Helpful literature and networks for Clergy Spouses, “Preacher’s Kids” and Those Who Care For ThemCFam_Banner2

In 2014, GCSRW convened a research summit to identify the ways that unique struggles and stresses that clergy families experience, best practices for supporting clergy families, and to seek recommendations for how to better provide a denominational culture and resources for the spouses and children of United Methodist Clergy. Read the summit report here.

That summit identified recommendations for improved support and behaviors at multiple levels of the denomination, including annual conferences, districts, local church staff parish relations committees and an online resource and networking hub to be sponsored by the GCSRW.

These links are a preview of a larger resource hub which will be developed in 2016 and the following quadrennium. 

Clergy Parsonage Standards Handbook Center For Health 13 Factors That Influence Clergy Heath 50 Ways to Support Your Pastor's Health and Well-Being The Episcopal Church: FOCUS FOCUS Clergy Transition Toolkit 50 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor United Methodist Discipleship Ministries Archive of Webinars Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2015 Life in the Fish Bowl: Everyday Challenges of Pastors and Their Families What Clergy Spouses Want the UMC to Know    

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