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Our Story: The Return of the Family Pew…

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I remember going to church as a child and always having “our pew”. We would walk to the same isle and seat every week.  I know many members who would politely ask you to move down if you were in their place.  Many churches even put name plates on the pews to designate who donated the funds for that pew, so you could verify ownership.  It seems times have changed. All we hear is the world is changing and the way we do things has to change.  We talk a lot.  But what does this look like?  If we had the answers we would stop talking… family-pew-1At The Vine UMC in Charlotte, we have at least gone beyond conversations to implementing an attitude and atmosphere of “welcome”.  Take an ultra-traditional church filled with passionate Christians and add a pastor with heart and vision for those who want nothing to do with “church” and you get The Vine.  A little Attention Deficit Disorder helps as well. To create the right environment the core group launching this ministry, volunteers from other congregations, other youth groups, and so many others have invested time, energy, and resources to transform the sanctuary into a traditional/non-traditional home for everyone. All this was done with very little expense to the congregation. A total transformation of the chancel area was the beginning.  Removing pews and adding “a lounge” has been the next step. Yes, we replaced some of the precious pews with love seats and side tables. The “new family pew” has arrived. We are added “hospitality stations” in the rear of the sanctuary for coffee and sweet treats. Yes, we allow coffee and treats to be enjoyed while worshipping even if you sit the “regular” pews that still fill the front of the worship space. If this is “God’s House” shouldn’t we be comfortable. Families that like their pew still have them.  But there are many new “pews” with throw pillows and softer cushions that are already being claimed. family-pew-2 This story came from Rev. Mike Harris of The Vine UMC in Charlotte

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