Part-Time Bookkeeper

Monday, September 18, 2023

September 18, 2023

This Bookkeeper position is Part-Time, 24 hours per week. Responsibilities include: 1. Receive, count and record monies received including but not limited to Sunday collections. 2. Process invoices as requested and prepare ACH payments or checks as appropriate. 3. Maintain church member’s giving records and prepare quarterly mailings to members. 4. Prepare and make deposits as needed. 5. Reconcile bank statements versus church records. 6. Prepare and file for refund of sales tax. 7. Prepare reports as required by the Finance Committee, other committee chairs and staff. 8. Maintain budget as directed by the chair of the Finance Committee. 9. Provide support as needed for the annual audit. 10. Ensure all bookkeeping data is accurate and is kept confidential. 11. Assist with receiving visitors as they come in or call the church office. 12. Assist Office Manager with duties as assigned.