Contemporary Worship Leader

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

May 23, 2023



Job Title:    Contemporary Worship Leader


The Contemporary Worship Leader accepts the responsibility to work with the Pastor, staff, and families to provide a creative and wholesome worship environment in which all members and visitors may learn of God’s love, grace and glory.


While a degree in music is not required;   a minimum of two years of verifiable experience leading a contemporary service is preferred.


The Contemporary Worship Leader will be paid on a monthly basis.  In addition to the responsibilities of the Contemporary Worship Service, part of the contracted time will be spent in planning, continuing education opportunities, and involvement in other church and community activities with the goal of strengthening the overall worship ministry of the church.  Four days of “Personal Time Off” (PTO) may be taken during the less demanding times of the church calendar. This may be broken up between practices and services, but not to exceed two Sunday Services. Unless sick, two week prior notice is to be provided to the Pastor and the Pastor Parrish Committee.  Since this is a salaried position, it is understood that the Contemporary Worship Leader is being paid to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.


  • Relate to others on a personal and professional level
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Organize and keep orderly and appropriate records 
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity to the individual and congregational needs 
  • Assist the Pastor in leading the Contemporary Worship Service
  • Assist the Pastor in the Traditional Worship Service upon request
  • Keep up to date on the status of the Praise Band Budget
  • Seek opportunities for the Praise Band to participate in various church related or appropriate community sponsored events
  • Attend all staff meeting with the Pastor and other staff members to plan events monthly
  • Encouraged, but not required to attend Contemporary Worship Service Committee, meetings to keep them informed of current and future plans
  • Encouraged, but not required to attend the Program Council meetings
  • Provide any necessary information to the Office Administrator each month for the Beacon 
  • Provide all program and practice information to the Office Administrator on each week for the Bulletin 
  • Assist with repairing equipment and replacing equipment as needed
  • Keep the equipment in good working condition and stored in a secure location
  • Assume responsibility for securing instrumental, sound, or video substitutes when necessary
  • Communicate selected songs with the person in charge of the slide presentation
  • Plan and conduct the weekly scheduled practice session
  • Contact the Pastor on a weekly basis about the progress and concerns of the Contemporary Service
  • Prepare adequately in advance so that time will be used effectively during presentations and programs