Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Stephanie Hand for an Effective Political Campaign

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Stephanie Moore Hand for fighting a good fight, keeping her faith, and finishing an inspiring race. Dr. Hand is an WNC ordained deacon and Metro District Vitality Associate.

Dr. Hand ran a very effective campaign In her first pursuit of political office for the Charlotte City Council, District 6.

District 6 is considered to be a stronghold of Stephanie's opposing political party. She ran against an incumbent opponent, who had been serving the District since 2017. Her opponent was supported by a political machine with a financial war chest much larger than what she had. In spite of all of those obstacles, Dr. Hand received only 377 fewer votes than her opponent out of 19,388 votes. What a remarkable accomplishment!

Join me in Congratulating and Celebrating Dr. Hand.

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