A Joint Message from Bishops Leeland and Morgan Ward

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020

Dear United Methodist friends,
Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ.
We express deep gratitude to you for your energetic response to the needs of children in this time of COVID-19 crisis.  Within the necessary constraints of physical distancing, you have found ways to offer support for public school children and teachers.  Thank you for providing food, school supplies, and other resources that encourage as learning continues in homes and through technology.  
Across the state of North Carolina, we celebrate the partnership of United Methodist people in Congregations for Children (C4C) and United Methodist Advocates for Public Schools (UMAPS).  In this time of uncertainty, we have in place conference leaders - David Rockefeller (drockefeller@nccumc.org) in the North Carolina Conference and Camille Roddy (czroddy@stpaulumcws.org) in the Western North Carolina Conference - who are eager to work with you to sustain and strengthen these ministries.  In each of our conferences, leadership is in place to work with David and Camille in resourcing your local ministry with public school children, teachers, and parents. 
We now bring together the compassionate ministry of C4C with the social justice and legislative advocacy of UMAPS in the strong Wesleyan tradition of personal and social holiness.  We hope that you will visit www.nccumc.org or www.nccc4c.org, www.wnccumc.org or www.congregations4children.org websites for both conferences for the latest postings in regard to these ministries.
No effort in our discipleship and ministry is more central or essential than our advocacy and engagement with public school children in North Carolina.  Thank you for the way you are persevering and expanding this good work.
With gratitude to God for your ministry with children,
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward                                Bishop Paul L. Leeland
North Carolina Conference                                Western North Carolina Conference
United Methodist Church                                   United Methodist Church

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