Dave Zietlow


Coach and Consultant



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Dave Zietlow coaches and consults with churches, pastors, and ministry professionals during organizational or individual transition over his ten years working with NCCUMC and WNCCUMC conferences. He is the Lead Coach and President of DPZIETLOW & Associates LLC utilizing appreciative inquiry coaching services focusing on walking alongside individuals and organizations through Discover, Dream, Design, and Destiny from a place of abundance and possibilities. Multi-media web development, social media management, and congregational communications is an additional offering. Dave is currently the Discipline Chair for Human Resources at CPCC teaching leadership and management; training & development; employment law; recruitment & selection; and project management leadership. He has traveled and managed businesses during his thirty-year corporate career throughout North America, India, South Africa, Asia, United Kingdom, and Europe. Dave has a strong interest in lean organizational transition, leadership & organizational development, and strategic planning. He holds a Masters’ degree, in Human Resources, as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics from Michigan State University.