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Our mission is to alleviate human suffering and advance hope through humanitarian relief, sustainable development, and global missions. 

We invite you to stand with our neighbors who have been affected by a natural disaster. Your gifts ensure that our church will be able to provide help and hope for those affected by natural disasters for years to come. Your donations will assist Western North Carolina teams and relief aiding in all of the affected regions and beyond. (All contributions are tax deductible.)

Early Response Team Training


If you are interested in becoming an Early Response Team or individual who has an Early Response Team certification, please see our ERT Training Update here. 

Chainsaw Training

Please save the date for our chainsaw training scheduled for Saturday February 8. Registration is now open.

Disaster Response Hotline 

For immediate or emergency needs, please call (980) 202-2944. 

Hurricane Dorian

  • North Carolina: Dorian spared the East coast of the United States, with the most significant damages affecting Ocracoke, a barrier island within the United Methodist North Carolina Conference. At this time, they are beginning to make assessments. 
  • The Bahamas:  Dorian's affects on the Bahamas is very severe. UMCOR is in a monitoring phase and will make updates when they become available. UMCOR and its partners are responding to disasters in the United States every day. Please join us in prayer for the affected areas. View the Active Response Map and check for live updates on how you can assist
  • PLEASE DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY. Volunteers (ERTs or otherwise) should never respond or deploy without the proper invitation. The Bahamas, in particular, is not ready to receive volunteer teams and will take many years to rebuild. The United Methodist Church will be present in the relief, but our work now must focus on enabling local authorities and institutions with financial and prayerful support. We will update this site when affected areas are ready for volunteers. 

U.S.- Mexico Border Crisis 

Global Ministries encourages churches to give in support of the global migration Advance (#3022144) from which UMCOR issues grants to partners along the border and elsewhere and to advocate for policy change. While we cannot take UMCOR hygiene kits to the U.S. government holding centers, UMCOR is distributing UMCOR hygiene kits at transitional shelters all along the US-Mexico border. In the last three months, UMCOR delivered 46,128 hygiene kits to six church-run transitional shelters. Instructions on how to make and send these kits are available at supply-network/hygiene-kit. We encourage you to send these kits directly to Sager Brown or UMCOR West, as outlined in the link provided. We invite you and your congregation or community to let your love for global refugee neighbors openly flow. Following are some resources which you might find useful in this endeavor:

General Board of Global Ministries

General Board of Church and Society 

National Justice for Our Neighbors

Regional Relief Supply Drop-Offs

Our Mission Response Center in Terrell is at full capacity. Relief supplies collected by individuals and churches should please remain in your facilities. If you believe you have supplies that are essential for our work, you may email our Disaster Response Coordinator, Ben Rogers

Early Response Teams

Do you have an ERT-led work team that is ready to serve? If so, you are encouraged to deploy as invited. For specifics, see our Disaster Response page.

About COR

Disaster occurs in all shapes and sizes. The United States has a drug overdose epidemic, especially in rural Appalachia. Human sex trafficking is slavery that occurs right here in North Carolina. Children are in need of school supplies everywhere and medical and dental relief is a vital ministry. The Committee on Relief (COR) mission is to alleviate human suffering and advance hope through humanitarian relief, sustainable development, and global missions. 

The Committee on Relief is the humanitarian relief and development arm of the Western North Carolina Conference.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is our partner, providing expert guidance and training related to disaster planning, preparation, response and recovery. United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) are also our partners providing training and guidance in volunteer management as well as trained volunteer teams - from both inside and outside the conference.

COR has three divisions: Disaster Response, Mission Operations, and Global Assistance. Mission Operations refers to all relief work that happens pre and post disaster, whereas Disaster Response Refers to the actual in-disaster phase response and recovery. Global Assistance refers to ministry that occurs outside the United States.

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