Director of Youth Ministries

Director of Youth Ministries


Lewisville United Methodist Church is seeking a full-time Director of Youth Ministries that is passionate and called to ministry with youth, young adults and their families. Leading by example, and always relying on the power of God’s Word, this person will lead our middle school and senior high youth on their own personal journeys of faith. As Director of Youth Ministries, this person will develop quality and caring Christian relationships with our youth, their families, and our college students by actively engaging in their lives. Natural leadership and the ability to energize others is vital. This person will lead volunteers and staff in new directions for discipleship and outreach.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Establish meaningful personal relationships with the young people in the congregation and community by investing in their lives, such as breakfast meetings, attending lunch at the area schools and attending their extracurricular activities (i.e.: sporting events, concerts, school plays, and awards ceremonies).
  • Plan, implement, and attend weekly activities for the youth during the school year that include Bible study, worship, fellowship and fun! The activities need to be relevant and effective in instructing, training, nurturing, and equipping youth for leading a Spirit-filled life of faith and forging deep Christian friendships.
  • Provide hands-on opportunities for service projects and mission trips for youth to learn how to live out their faith in helping meet the needs of others.
  • Plan, implement, and attend special summer events such as concerts, retreats, and Dash games.
  • Plan, organize, and attend youth camps and/or conferences.
  • Regularly attend the youth Sunday school classes and teach as needed.
  • Assist the Pastors in the teaching of the Confirmation class as needed.
  • Recruit and develop adults within the congregation to serve as committed mentors and leaders.
  • Work effectively with parents to foster support of the youth program, including ongoing communication to provide opportunities for input and feedback.
  • Work alongside other church staff members as a team player, attending staff meetings, and sharing in the vision and ministry.
  • Attend at least one Sunday morning worship service.
  • Be involved in Graduation Sunday by planning ways to honor graduates of both high school and college.
  • Prepare reports, financial budget requests, yearly goals and other information related to area of responsibility.
  • Support and assist in the implementation of the Safe Sanctuary Policy as it is related to your area.
  • Provide information to the Administrative Board, Council on Ministries and Education Committee meetings and provide input.
  • Working knowledge of UMC and leadership skills with youth and young adults.
  • Positive and personal communication skills.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Use of technology and social media.

Contact: Elise Ward

Church/Org/Business Name: Lewisville United Methodist Chuch

Address: 6290 Shallowford Rd. Lewisville 27023

Phone: 3369453203


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A Summons to Witness, Protest, and Promise

We give thanks for this Summons to Witness, Protest and Promise written by the cabinet of the North Carolina Conference.  In our ongoing collaboration, we affirm these words alongside them.  Across our state, we invite all United Methodists to be a part of building “the new world God promises as heaven in time descends to earth.” (Revelation 21)

A Summons to Witness, Protest, & Promise

We, United Methodists in The Western North Carolina Conference, join our voices with The North Carolina Conference in witness, protest and promise in these times of violence against our Black brothers and sisters.

We believe. . .

We believe that the Holy Spirit is indeed poured out upon all people.
We believe that in baptism, we are incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation, and commissioned to resist evil, injustice and oppression, in whatever forms they present themselves.
We believe that God’s intent for humanity is community, compassion, and holiness, and that justice has been marred by the history of enslavement and racism.
We believe that repentance is urgent for the historic and ongoing violence against Black girls and boys, men and women.
We believe that in the wounding of Black bodies we see Christ crucified.
We believe that those who have been steeped in white privilege, through repentance, can be transformed into humble servants of the living God.
We believe we are called to work for the day when God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

We protest. . .
We protest violent murders of Black men and women, most recently Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.
We protest the narratives of fear and suspicion that divide people from one another.
We protest our historic failure to ensure all our churches are places of hospitality, welcome, and belonging for our Black brothers and sisters.
We protest the historic and continuing suppression of voting and other basic rights.
We protest all incendiary public leadership in this time of crisis and turmoil.
We protest the lack of will in our communities, our state and our country to protect the lives of our Black brothers and sisters, and especially the most vulnerable, the young and the old.

We promise. . .
We promise to use our voices, resources and power to dismantle white privilege and racist systems, especially within our own United Methodist Church.
We promise to read the Scripture with ear and eye attentive to the continued call toward God’s will for all people.
We promise to exercise the right to vote and to work against voter suppression.
We promise to create around ourselves at all times hospitable space for all people.
We promise to name prejudice when we see it and to receive the correction of others who see prejudice in us.
We promise to be life-long learners, to constantly make adjustments in the way we use our power and influence, to be active participants in the building of the beloved community, and ultimately growing always in holiness toward the perfection we see in Christ.


Bishop Paul Leeland
Laura Auten
Carl Arrington
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Mark King
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Samuel Moore, Jr.
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Mark Ralls
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Jane Wood

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Follow Jesus. Make Disciples. Transform the World.