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Fresh Expressions Journey: Six Steps that Can Move People from Isolation to Christian Community

The Fresh Expressions journey is a six-stage process for forming a new Christian community. In this article, you will read real-life examples of Listening, Loving People, Building Community, Exploring Discipleship, Church Taking Shape, and Doing It Again.

Mission Engagement Blog for May 2022

Check out the latest Mission Engagement Blog.

Mission Engagement Blog for April

"As we prepare for Holy Week, I offer a few of these that help us remember and reconnect with the power the stories of our tradition have to speak to our world today in creative ways, and that can connect us more deeply with how we’re called to serve and join in God’s mission..."

Means of Grace: UMC Reflections

In this episode, a few members of our hosting panel share how the United Methodist Church has shaped their faith and their calling as well as their hopes for its future. As part of United Methodist Communications #BeUMC initiative, we also invite you to join the conversation and share your own stories of what being United Methodist means to you, using the hashtags #BeUMC and #WNCCUMC.

March Mission Engagement Blog: As You Go

"A few years ago, I was at a work event with my husband and one of his coworkers asked to talk with me privately. Not knowing what to expect, I followed him to a spot nearby that was a little more secluded from the busyness of the event. As we stood there in that space, I stood in awe of God’s goodness and grace." Rev. Kris Mares reminds us of the importance of going with the grace and love of God as we go about our day-to-day lives.

Means of Grace: Hope for the Future with United Methodist Seminary Students

In this week’s episode, Kim and Jesse speak with three United Methodist seminary students who are in the candidacy process in the Western North Carolina Conference. They discuss the United Methodists who have impacted their faith journey, the incredible power of seminary education and community, and their hopes for the future of the United Methodist Church.

Means of Grace: An Update from Hispanic/Latino Congregations in the Western NC Conference - Una Actualización de las Congregaciones Hispanas/Latinas de la Conferencia Oeste de Carolina del Norte

In today’s episode, Luke talks with four members of our conference, Rev. Sonia Baca-Zuniga, Rev. David Ortigoza, Jaidymar Smith, and Rev. Chris Smith about Hispanic/Latino congregations in the Western North Carolina Conference. We explore how God is moving in Hispanic/Latino congregations in WNC, the challenges they are facing, and how our communities, churches, and Conference can pursue equity for our Hispanic/Latino siblings. Today’s episode is in English and Spanish. En el episodio de hoy, Luke habla con cuatro miembros de nuestra conferencia, Rev. Sonia Baca-Zuniga, Rev. David Ortigoza, Jaidymar Smith, y Rev. Chris Smith sobre las congregaciones Hispanas / Latinas de la Conferencia Oeste de Carolina del Norte. Juntos, exploramos cómo Dios se está moviendo en las congregaciones hispanas /lastinas en nuestra conferencia, los retos que enfrentan, y cómo las comunidades, iglesias, y la conferencia pueden buscar y/o perseguir la igualdad para nuestras hermanas y hermanos hispano /latino. El episodio de hoy es en Ingles y en Español.

Four Shifts for More Authentic Community Engagement

Rev. Dan Pezet, Metro District Superintendent, believes churches can forge meaningful connections with their neighbors through impactful community ministries. But only if the church’s motives are perceived as genuine, not self-serving. He outlines four mindset shifts required of church leaders who seek to engage their community more authentically.