Church Historian Training Videos

Introduction and Job Overview for Church Historians

CAH Chairperson Sandrea Williamson introduces the series, reads the job description of a church historian as found in The Book of Discipline, and gives some brief pointers on carrying out the job.


Setting Up a Local Church Archives-Part 1

Nancy Watkins, a member of CAH and director of  the Southeastern Jurisdiction Heritage Center, describes the process of setting up a local church archives.



Setting up the Archives-Part 2

Nancy Watkins discusses methods of organizing and preserving historic materials.


Working with Church Leaders in Preserving Church History

Rev. Charles Curtis, a member of CAH, offers suggestions on working with the pastor and church leaders in preserving historic materials.


Resources in the Conference Archives

Rev. Jim Pyatt, conference archivist and a member of CAH, discusses resources in the conference archives which can be helpful to church historians.


Writing Your Church History

Russ Ford, a member of CAH and author of several church histories, provides tips on the process of researching and writing a local church history.