The Church Development Office, in partnership with the WNCC Foundation and the Reynolds Ministry Fund, is excited to offer the 3rd Round of the BOTH/AND Hybrid Worship Cohort Grant. The goal is to help churches in the WNCC grow in their understanding and practice of hybrid worship by providing a framework, discovering and experimenting with best practices, and upgrading equipment (as needed) as we emerge into our post-pandemic reality. As we faithfully improve the quality and practice of hybrid worship, we know that we will engage more people and connect them to God and to one another.

Church Development is pleased to partner with Text In Church to offer a matching grant to offset the cost of a yearly subscription for Text In Church

MissionInsite is the resource for the study of church contextual information.  The material offered can be vital to church development, mission outreach, and the empowerment of congregations within their communities.  The ease of use and the comprehensive scope of data is remarkable.  Enjoy exploring your Ministry area and discovering new mission opportunities!

Readiness 360 offers tools so that every church can multiply its impact on individual lives, on its community and on our world.  In order for a church to live up to its God-potential, we must assess and cultivate readiness for world-changing ministry.