Glenwood (Greensboro)

GCFA Number: 294867

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400 Apportionment Allocation Status: Auto
500 Apportionment Allocation Status: Auto


Factors used in calculation of your 2019 apportionments:

Total 2019 apportionments: $16,166,481

Conference Average Net Expenditures: $192,264,997

Multiplier: 0.084084369242000

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The Conference Apportionment Funds for 2019 have been calculated for each local church on the basis of the church's average "net expenses" for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017 as reflected in the annual reports from the churches and pastors. Those numbers for your church are shown below. Each of the apportionments is calculated separately for each church and rounded to the nearest dollar; however, you can figure the total of the funds for your church, within a dollar or two, with the following formula: multiply your three-year average by the multiplier (which is the figure obtained by dividing the total 2019 funds by the average net expenditures of all the churches).