Uwharrie Ministry Council

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Uwharrie Ministry Council
Monday, September 21, 2020 at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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The Uwharrie Ministry Council will meet via Zoom. 


Devotion Kathy Odell

Brief Reporting Out:  

Recovery Ministries:  Laina

Lay Servant Training:  Laura

Communications and Website:  Kris

Fresh Expressions:  Katie

Disaster Response:  Laura

Reading and Listening Group:  Laura

Grants and Resources:  John Bryant

Deep Dive Vitality Markers

Introduction of how vitality markers came about:  Laura

Quick overview of each Vitality Marker:  Laura (as this happens, ask everyone to jot down places where there is a connection to the district working groups and ministries -and to keep this list running through the rest of the meeting)

District Score on Vitality Markers:  Katie

Sample Score Sheet for a Local Church and how it can be used:  Katie

3-4 Small Groups

Questions for small groups:  What are the pros and cons of using numerical, quantitative measurements for church vitality? How could the Vitality Markers (with or without a “score sheet”) spark a conversation among leaders about the story of the church, both past and present? How could the VM shape a conversation about the future of the church?

Large Group:  report out main ideas from small group conversation

Large Group:  quickly, popcorn style, or chat feature, share lists people have made about connection between VM and district ministries

How does our learning shape what we need to do/be about in 2021?

Prayer of Thanksgiving