- Fall 2021 Charge Conferences

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- Fall 2021 Charge Conferences

ATTN: All Missional Network Charge Conferences for 2021 will be held virtually on October 10th via Zoom unless otherwise requested.
All participants will have the option to join on the web (with option for video) or by phone (voice only).

Charge Conference forms and instructions are below.



Please find below specific instructions for saving and submitting your charge conference forms.

  1. All forms MUST BE completed and submitted online. For technical instructions for completion of the online forms, please view this conference page.
  2. All forms (except the Agenda and Minutes for Charge Conference) MUST BE completed and saved online by the Monday BEFORE your scheduled Sunday Missional Network Charge Conference date. Example: If your Missional Network Charge Conference is scheduled for Sunday, October 10th, your forms and reports should be completed and saved online by Monday, October 4th. For a list of dates and times of all the scheduled Missional Network Charge Conferences, see above "SCHEDULE".
  3. Once you have completed and saved all your forms, please send Ruth Kapely an email informing her that your forms are ready for review. Ruth’s email is: rkapely@wnccumc.org
  4. Identify the person from your church who will be present and serve as the Recording Secretary for your church at the scheduled Missional Network Charge Conference (each church will need their own Recording Secretary).
  5. At the Missional Network Charge Conference, your church’s Recording Secretary will keep the minutes according to the Agenda and Minutes for Charge Conference form, including a LIST of all those present from your church at the charge conference. After the charge conference, this online form will need to be updated and completed including the list of those in attendance either as a typed list or an uploaded image.
  6. Following the completion of your scheduled Missional Network Charge Conference and the completion of the minutes form, you will do the final SUBMIT of all the completed and approved forms according to the online directions . At this time, when you type in the name and office of those indicated on the form, it will be the official signature and approval of these forms. For Presiding Elder, enter: Rev. Mark Ralls, Blue Ridge District Superintendent (and this authorizes Mark’s signature on that form as well).





Chris Hampton, Conference Director of Web and Database Administration, has provided this page with videos as a tutorial for accessing and filling out Charge Conference forms