Both/And Worship Cohort Process/Grant Application

The Church Development Office in partnership with the WNCC Foundation is excited to offer the Both/And Worship Cohort in an effort to help our churches improve the quality of online worship and provide a framework for hybrid worship in preparation for a post-pandemic reality.

This grant experience is intended to support churches as they explore and implement best practices for doing BOTH In-Person AND Online worship faithfully. Included in the grant: 

  • Recommendations for and Assistance with purchasing equipment  
  • Participation in Cohorts with Jason Moore to equip clergy and laity with implementation 
  • Individual Worship Consultations with Jason Moore 
  • Learning Labs for Hands on Training with equipment and with Both/And worship concepts 

What’s The Process? 

1. Watch 2 Webinars To Establish Common Language 

  • The pastor and worship team are required to watch the two workshops resented by Jason Moore in order for us to have a shared vision of the possibilities of hybrid worship.  

                         Both/And Webinar                               

    Telling the Old Story in a New Time 

2. Fill Out & Submit Grant Application 

  • The application requires the pastor and a lay person to be a part of this process. You will be asked to describe the technology and presentation of your current worship services. We will receive applications as long as funds remain. You will receive a response within 30 days.  


3. Receive Equipment Recommendations & Matching Funds 

  • The Office of Church Development will work with each church in consultation with Jason Moore and Chris Carson to recommend special negotiated pricing on common equipment packages that fit the church’s needs. The grant also matches the church’s contribution towards the purchase of approved equipment (up to $1750).  

4. Pastor Cohorts (Facilitated by Jason Moore) 

  • To provide support during implementation, pastors will meet in a monthly cohort setting for 3-4 months. These gatherings will be opportunities to explore the challenges that arise as pastors lead the congregation to implement this hybrid worship model.  

5. Individual Worship Consultation With Jason Moore 

  • Jason Moore will watch your online service and will send you a brief consultation message that states the strengths and opportunities to improve the worship experience in your context.   

6. Ongoing support/Training for Laity and Pastors 

  • The underlying goal of this grant is to walk with churches as they IMPLEMENT the strategies and use the equipment week to week in worship. So, the Office of Church Development will provide opportunities to support those staff and volunteers that use the equipment and strategies.  Check out the Learning Labs on July 17th and August 28th

Link To Register For Learning Lab #2 (August 28) 

(West Market Street UMC, Greensboro)


This is a rolling grant. If you apply by the first of the month you will receive a response by 15th of the month.

We will continue to accept applications for as long as funds remain available.


Apply For BOTH/AND Grant Here


Any questions can be directed to Luke Edwards, Associate Director of Church Development, at