Board of Laity

The Board of Laity exists so that the laity of the Western North Carolina Conference are equipped, empowered and inspired to enthusiastically make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Some of the important responsibilities of the Board of Laity are to foster awareness of the role of the laity, to develop and promote programs for lay life and work, to develop and promote stewardship activities and programs, and to develop and promote leadership activities and programs.

Conference programs that fall directly under the Board of Laity include the Lay Servant Ministries Trainings and the district Laity Service Awards.

The Board of Laity is composed of the Conference Lay Leader (president), the resident bishop, the district lay leaders, the conference presidents of the United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women, the vice-chairperson of the Conference Youth Council, the conference director of Lay Servant Ministries, the conference prayer advocate and 12 members-at-large.

The Board of Laity meets in February, May, August and November.

For more information, please contact John Crane, Conference Lay Leader, at or 704.678.2877