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Means of Grace: Will There Be a Place For Me in the UMC? A Panel Discussion From The 2022 Annual Conference

In this week’s episode, we get to listen in on a conversation that took place during the 2022 Annual Conference. On Thursday evening, Bishop Carter, along with a group of clergy from across the conference, of various races, ages, genders, and ministry roles sat down for a panel discussion on the future of the UMC. Their goal was to answer a question you may have asked yourself a time or two – will there be a place for me in the continuing United Methodist Church?

Bishop Carter Announces a Virtual Special Session of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference

Bishop Carter announces a virtual Special Session of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Bishop Carter introduces The Great 50 Days campaign

To the people of the United Methodist Church in Western North Carolina, We are in the season now of Easter.  We have transitioned from a 40 day season of fasting (Lent) to a 50 day season of feasting (Easter).  We celebrated the resurrection on Sunday, and now we remember that Jesus was with us on earth for 40 days prior to his ascension (Acts 1).  There was then a period of ten days before the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).  In these days Jesus appeared to them as the Risen Lord and spoke about the...

Means of Grace: A Holy Week Meditation from Bishop Carter

As we prepare our hearts to journey with Jesus to the cross, the grave, and into resurrection, Bishop Carter offers these words of prayer and reflection.

Means of Grace BONUS EPISODE: Our Life in Community: A Mid-Lenten Reflection with Bishop Carter

In this short bonus episode, Bishop Carter dives a bit deeper into the life and teaching of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, particularly related to Bonhoeffer's book Life Together, which we have been studying together as a Conference throughout the season of Lent.

Bishop Carter Calls Special Session of the WNC Annual Conference for Fall 2023

Bishop Carter announces a virtual Special Session of the Western North Carolina Annual Conference to be held on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

Means of Grace: Church is Changing, Part 1

In this week's episode, Rob Hutchinson, WNCC Director of Church Development, speaks with Guilford College UMC's Student Associate Minister, Andres Perez Gonzalez. Together, they discuss the ways church is changing in 2023 and how we can grow our "holy intuition" so that we may become better attuned to the ways God is already at work in our communities and join in the mission!

Means of Grace: A Conversation with Bishop Carter: Where We Are & Where We're Going

In this week's episode, Director of Communications, Aimee Yeager, sits down with Bishop Carter to talk about his vision and hopes for the future for the Western North Carolina Conference and The United Methodist Church. Not ignoring the very real challenges we face, Bishop Carter's hope is that we will live into our calling to fight systems of oppression, work for antiracism, and rediscover an orthodox Christian faith that offers the radically inclusive grace of God to all people.

Patience, Peace, and the Promise of God: A Christmas Message from Bishop Carter

Read this Christmas message from Bishop Carter as we prepare for Jesus' holy birth this weekend.

An Advent Message from Bishop Carter

Celebrate the Advent season with us by watching these video messages from Bishop Carter. We will update this post each week leading up to Christmas as a new video comes out.

38 Churches Bring Lawsuit Against The Western North Carolina Conference: A Pastoral Response

Bishop Carter responds to the filed lawsuit against The Western NC Conference of The United Methodist Church.

A Resource From Bishop Carter About Misinformation in The UMC

A message from Bishop Carter: "There is misinformation about what the ongoing and future United Methodist Church believes. Some of this misinformation is being shared in local churches.

Post-Annual Conference Message from Bishop Carter

Bishop Ken Carter, Resident Bishop of the Western NC and FL Conferences, gives a follow-up report and shares some thoughts on Annual Conference 2022.

Seven Reasons Why I Love The United Methodist Church

Bishop Carter shares seven reasons he loves The United Methodist Church.

An Easter Message from Bishop Carter

Bishop Carter shares an Easter message with the WNC Conference.

Living in Connection in a Season of Waiting

The United Methodist Church is in an extended season of waiting, a season brought about by a global pandemic that we did not anticipate and extended by variant after variant. The delay is wearing upon us and Bishop Carter offers this message to speak into the present moment.

Bishop Carter Shares Ash Wednesday Blessing

Bishop Carter shares a Lenten message and Ash Wednesday blessing for the Western North Carolina Conference.

Bishop Carter Issues a Call for Prayers & Peacemaking

Bishop Carter calls United Methodists in Florida and Western North Carolina to prayers for peace in the Ukraine and across Europe.

Means of Grace: Our Pathways to the Post-Covid Church with Bishop Ken Carter

Over the past two years, the world has changed dramatically and our ways of doing church have been disrupted.  In this episode, Bishop Carter explores four interrelated pathways to the Post-Covid Church. This is a journey we are called to walk together.

Means of Grace: Examen in the Wesleyan Tradition

As we begin 2022, Bishop Ken Carter offers a spiritual practice for the new year. This Examen in the Wesleyan Tradition walks listeners through a prayerful review of their day, rooted in our tradition as followers of Jesus in the Wesleyan Tradition. We hope this prayer meditation helps you center yourself in grace, repentance, confession, faith and love in this new year.

Bishop Carter Shares a Christmas Message with the Conference

Bishop Ken Carter shares a Christmas Message with the Western North Carolina Conference.

Bishop Carter Offers Simple Guidance for Preachers on Christmas Eve

As pastors and congregations prepare to receive guests on Christmas Eve, Bishop Carter offers simple, heartfelt advice. Keep the sermon brief but grace filled. Appeal to people’s generosity. And make sure those inspired to begin their faith journeys are invited to take the next step.

Bishop Ken Carter Shares a Message of Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Bishop Ken Carter reminds us that we are Eucharistic people - people of connection and thanksgiving - who are called to give and receive with humility and gratitude in all circumstances.

Saturday Morning with Bishop Carter

Bishop Carter shares about his week in Western North Carolina, his thoughts on baseball, morning walks around Lake Junaluska, and the coffee he's drinking the week.

A Message of Appreciation for Clergy from Bishop Ken Carter

Bishop Carter shares a message of appreciation and encouragement for the clergypersons of the Western NC Conference during this Clergy Appreciation Month.