Archives & History

The WNC Conference Archives are now in the library at Pfeiffer University!  We are glad to assist you and your church with your research project.
What the Archives Can Do for You (and Your Church):
  • Provide resources to compile a list of the former pastors of your church
  • Provide resources to compile a collection of pictures of former pastors of your church (at least in part)
  • Provide resources on circuit riding and clergy ancestors
  • Provide resources to help you research your church’s history
  • Provide resources to aid in celebrating your church’s history
  • Provide limited resources to aid in genealogical research (other than clergy)
  • Provide limited resources to assist in researching closed churches
  • Provide resources to help you to grow in your knowledge of Methodist history and the history of Methodism in the WNC Conference
  • Provide lists of documents and records that local churches should keep  (This list can also be found at: Local-ChurchSched-2017.pdf)

A Partial List of our Archival Holdings:

  • Annual Conference Journals of the Western North Carolina Conference and its predecessors
  • Files on many of the clergy in the WNC Conference past and present
  • Files on all active churches in the WNC Conference
  • Records of (some of) the closed churches in the WNC Conference
  • Copies of the North Carolina Christian Advocate and other publications
  • Records of conference committees and organizations
  • Some old Quarterly Conference minutes and records
  • General Minutes of the UMC and its predecessor denominations
  • Books on Methodist History
  • Some church cemetery records
  • Pictorial directories of the clergy of the WNC Conference
  • Other books and records related to the history of Methodism in Western North Carolina
  • Copies of books published by the WNC Conference Commission on Archives and History
  • Extra copies of old WNC Conference Journals

Other Helpful Archives & History Resources:

General Commission on Archives and History
SEJ Commission on Archives and History/SEJ Heritage Center
Retention guidelines for Local Church Records (Of particular interest are pages 27-30, which provides a nice four page chart of which records to keep and which records do not need to be kept.)
Style Guide for United Methodist Church Publications (This style guide is to facilitate consistency in church-related publications, by summarizing standards in keeping with WNCC’s publications.)

Contact the Archives for research and information requests:  (704) 463-1360 x-3170;

James L. Pyatt, Archivist                                

Sonja S. Clough, Archival Assistant             

Mailing Address:                             
P. O. Box 1004                                   
Misenheimer, NC 28109   

Physical Address:               
WNC Conference Archives
G. A. Pfeiffer Library
Pfeiffer University
48380 US Hwy 52
Misenheimer, NC 28109