Annual Conference 2020

Annual Conference 2020

Saturday, August 8, 1:00 p.m.

Annual Conference 2020 will be held virtually.




These special standing rules are established according to Rule 32 of the Western North Carolina Conference Organization and Rules for the Western North Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and shall apply to the 2020 Annual Conference meeting on Aug. 8, 2020.

Meeting Information and Credentialing

  1. The 2020 WNC Annual Conference session will be streamed on various streaming platforms, including the WNC Facebook and YouTube livestreams. Voting will occur through the Election Buddy ( voting system.
  2. Members will receive information through email to access the annual conference meeting stream and the voting system unless they specifically request to receive communication through the postal mail.  A link to watch to the Annual Conference meeting will be posted at Members who expect to vote electronically and who don’t receive an email from the Conference Secretary on July 14 should contact their district office. Clergy communication will be through the conference email addresses unless there is a different email on file for retired clergy.
  3. Attendance of the members of the annual conference will be recorded through the balloting system.  Clergy members do not have to request an excused absence if they cannot be present.
  4. The bar of the annual conference shall be those members of the annual conference (as defined by the Book of Discipline) who are present and voting by electronic means or submitting a ballot by mail.
  5. Robert's Rules of Order will not be governing any part of the Annual Conference session while these special rules are in effect.
  6. The business of the Annual Conference shall include what is required by the Book of Discipline for the ongoing function of the Annual Conference and such business as may be deemed essential by the chair.
  7. Required reports requested by the conference secretary coming from boards, agencies and committees are posted online at in the Program and Reports book.
  8. All materials needed to conduct the business of the Annual Conference meeting will be published in the Supplement to the Program and Reports book which will be posted online July 20.
  9. Questions concerning the meeting or business of the annual conference will be received through an online portal at  Answers will be given directly to the questioner and, when applicable to all members, posted online.

Balloting and Voting

  1. All votes shall be cast electronically or through a paper ballot. The electronic balloting system generates the paper ballots which ensures that no one can vote more than once.
  2. All votes in an electronic meeting of the annual conference will be up-or-down votes with no amendments or debate.
  3. Electronic voting will be held over the internet and shall begin by the order of the chair during the electronic meeting session and shall close at 11:59 Eastern Time, August 8, 2020.
  4. Electronic voting shall be considered "written ballots" for the purposes of the Annual Conference sessions held under these rules.
  5. Requests for a paper ballot and a printed copy of the Supplement should be made through the return ballot that was mailed to members of the annual conference.
  6. The return-by-mail ballot must be returned by mail to the conference secretary postmarked no later than three (3) business days after the conclusion of the annual conference session.
  7. The results of all voting will be certified and announced by the chair (posted online at after the votes by mail have been received and counted.

Approved by the WNC Cabinet 7/15/2020

Latest News

Delegate Election Updates

Delegate Election Updates

During Annual Conference this year, we will elect delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences.
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A Look Behind the Scenes of AC2019 Worship

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Stories of Faith

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AC19 Registration and Lake Junaluska Guest Information

AC19 Registration and Lake Junaluska Guest Information

Registration and Check-In for Annual Conference attendees will be open in The Terrace Auditorium (third floor) on Wednesday, June 19  @  3 pm – 7 pm Thursday, June 20  @  8 am – 8 pm Friday, June 21  @  7 am – 7 pm Saturday, June 22  @  8 am – 10 am Please plan to visit registration to record your attendance and receive your conference materials.  Voting devices will be distributed at registration, and without a device, you will be unable to vote, so please allow plenty of time to ...

BMCR and Friends Luncheon

You're invited to join the Western North Carolina BMCR and Friends Luncheon featuring Rev. Dr. Ken Walden, President-Dean of Gammon Theological Seminary on “Leading in the Church in a Diverse World." Please RSVP by June 15 JoAnn Carter at
GC2020 Laity Elections

GC2020 Laity Elections

The laity voting roster has been released. This booklet is for use by lay members of the annual conference during the 2019 election of delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences of The United Methodist Church. You will find the personal statements of laity of the Western NC Conference who have consented to be considered during the election process.
Pre-Conference Briefing

Pre-Conference Briefing

Bishop Leeland shares about the AC2019 Theme, Speakers and Offerings. Conference Secretary Kim Ingram shares details to make your AC2019 experience go smoothly.
Program and Reports for Annual Conference 2019 Posted

Program and Reports for Annual Conference 2019 Posted

The 2019 Programs and Reports for Annual Conference has been posted. You may download it (or view in your browser) by clicking here.
Innovation at Annual Conference 2019 and 2020

Innovation at Annual Conference 2019 and 2020

Annual Conference 2020 promises to feature another chapter in WNC’s emerging culture of innovation! AC 2019 featured an innovators’ dinner, videos for the whole conference to glimpse the new things that God is up to in these ministries, and a gathering at BearWaters Brewing Company in Canton for innovators to connect and fellowship informally.

AC2019 Advance Meal Purchase for On-Property Guests

New for 2019!  For those who are staying at Lake Junaluska properties during annual conference, purchasing meals 21+ days before AC2019 will save you both time and money!  Simply fill out the form and select the meals you want to reserve in now, on the Advance Meal Purchase Request Form available at or at this google form link.  Lake Junaluska staff will touch base to finalize your meal plan.  Advance Meal Purchases must be made by May 30, 2019 to receive...
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