Serving As A Guide


Each Guide will work with the team and/or pastor of the church to create a plan for guiding the team forward and this plan will be unique according to the church’s needs, the gifts of the guide, and recommendation. The recommendation may contain some specific requirements that the church must accomplish (such as a specific book study). The recommendations are also written to give the guide discretion in choosing how to move forward.

While guides are free to take different approaches to facilitating the recommendation, here are some guidelines that we ask guides to follow:

  • Identify who you are working with (whether an individual or a team of people) and have an initial onsite meeting to organize and plan the steps you will take to fulfill the recommendation. This first meeting would be a great time to take a tour of the facility, get to know the people you are working with, provide initial training, and cast a vision for the future.
  • Conduct one visit per month for six months to assess progress, set new goals, and assign new tasks to fulfill the recommendation. After six months, remain available for phone and/or internet meetings. The amount of time invested may vary depending on circumstances.
  • Keep in communication with the Transformation Journey Navigator. Report obstacles to fulfilling the recommendation right away so that corrections may be made.
  • Guides are not to do the work for the church but guide the church in doing the work.

The Western North Carolina Conference will provide each Guide a stipend of $125 for each visit as a token of our appreciation, reimburse travel expenses and provide training materials for the church as needed.

Reimbursement Forms All Forms Must Be Emailed To Candy Caron @





Guide Invoice - save templet on your computer so it will be easy to access in the future. For your first submission for payment you need to include a W-9, if you have mileage reimbursement you need to fill out the Travel Expense form.