Fresh Expressions



Your church can start a fresh expression!


What is a fresh expression?

A fresh expression is a new form of church for those not connected to any church. They take shape outside of the walls of the church in places where our neighbors are already gathering. Fresh expressions in the WNC Conference are making new disciples and are passing on the traditions of our Wesleyan faith in new and creative ways. Fresh expressions are anchored to existing churches, connecting churches with people who would never enter the church building on a Sunday morning. They do not exist to get folks to come to our church, but rather to form church with folks in places where they are.


Why Fresh Expressions?

  • We are living through a dramatic shift in the American church where 60% of America’s population is increasingly alienated from traditional forms of church.[1]
  • A majority of people who do not attend church believe in God, but for a variety of reasons will not visit a traditional church setting.
  • Fresh Expressions offers the experience of belonging to a church community in ways that rethink what it is to be a church.
  • Fresh Expressions empowers conventional churches to connect with their neighbors in new ways.
  • A Fresh Expression is a cost effective way to launch new faith communities.
  • Lay persons of the church can launch and lead fresh expressions.


How do we learn more?


Start a Fresh Expression today!

If your church is ready to start a fresh expression, contact the WNC Conference Fresh Expressions Coordinator, Luke Edwards at