2018 Schedule

Orientation to Ministry Schedule

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Sunday, May 20

              7:00          Welcome and Overview                                   David Greene

                                Opening Worship                                               Chris Westmoreland, preaching

                                                                                                               Kim Ingram, liturgist

Monday, May 21

              7:30          Breakfast

              8:30          Morning Devotion

              9:00          Collegial Connections                                         Donald Jenkins, Gloria Hughes, Sue Anne Morris,                                                                                                                  Karen Kurtz

           10:15          Break

           10:30          Church Administration and Organization               Sally Queen

           12:00          Lunch

              1:00          Connecting with the Community                               Rob Parsons

                                (Mission Insite, Missional Networks, and other possibilities)

              5:30          Dinner with local pastors in licensing school and members of other denominations           Kim                                                                                                                                                                                             Ingram

                                Things you need to know:  Ministerial Authority, Continuing Formation (COS, mentoring), &                                         more

              6:30          Practicing the Sacraments                               Sally Queen


Tuesday, May 22

              7:30          Breakfast

              8:30          Morning Devotion

              9:00          Personal Finance and Benefits                                   Dale Bryant, Mark King, and David                                                                                                                                             Snipes            

           12:00          Lunch with District Superintendents

              1:00          Church Finances and Stewardship                            David Snipes and Mark King

              5:30          Dinner with provisional members and LP w/ MDiv            Kim Ingram

                                Things you need to know:  Ministerial Authority, Continuing Formation (RIOM/mentoring),
                                 & more

              6:30          Vision, Values, Strategy and Change                      Kim Shockley    


Wednesday, May 23

              7:30          Breakfast

              8:30          I-9s                                                                                                        

              9:00          Clergy Ethics                                                                       Beth Crissman

           12:00          Lunch

              1:30          Clergy Ethics, cont.                                                          Beth Crissman

              5:30          Dinner on your own


Thursday, May 24

              7:30          Breakfast

              8:30          Leadership in a New Context                                      Janice Virtue

           12:30          Box Lunch (optional by reservation)

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