2017 Clergy Assessments

Clergy Assessment forms for 2017 are now available for completion by clergy and S/PPRCs.

The forms are identical to last year’s assessments.  The only change is that they have been converted to fillable pdf files to make it easier for them to be accessed.  All needed documents can be downloaded from this link.

Clergy and S/PPRCs should

  • Open the forms and save them to their computer
  • Open the saved forms, complete them
  • Save them again (!)
  • Then email them to the district office.

(Following the above procedure will help prevent the loss of any data which has been entered.)

The deadline for completion of all assessment documents and emailing them to your district office is November 30.
(It would be very helpful if the pastor or the S/PPRC chair would gather the set of completed PDF files and email them to the district office at the same time, indicating in the subject of the email the name of the clergy and the church for whom these assessment are being submitted.)

To determine which forms need to be completed, please use this chart.

For detailed instructions, please click here.

Clergy new to an appointment should use this chart regarding which forms to complete:




Ministry Assessment by Clergy Ministry Assessment by S/PPRC Ministry Assessment by Senior Pastor Discussion Guide
Elder, Associate Member,


Local Pastor

Clergy: #1, 4 Congregational: #1, 2


Clergy: #1

  Entire Document
Elder, Associate Member,


Local Pastor on Church Staff

Clergy: #1, 4   Clergy: #1 Entire Document
Deacon Clergy: #1, 2, 5 Congregational: #1, 2


Clergy: #1

Clergy: #1, 2 Entire Document
Deacon in Secondary Appointments       Entire Document


If you have questions, please contact your district office.  Our prayer is that through the faithful, honest discussion between the clergy and the S/PPRC in this assessment process, the church will be strengthened and the mission accomplished to the glory of God.

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