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High Point United Methodist Named National Volunteer Winner

April 15, 2014

Thurman Haynes, a 97-year-old member of Spring Hill United Methodist Church in High Point, has been named the national winner of the Salute to Senior Service® contest, sponsored by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network. He was selected from thousands of nominees and 50 state-level winners.

His pastor, Rev. Donna Friddle said, “I am so very proud of Thurman.  He is a truly unique person who lives out his Christian faith in word, deed, and with how he lives his life.”

Haynes is recognized by this prestigious award for his dedicated community service at the Haynes-Inman Education Center, a school for children with disabilities, where he volunteers more than 80 hours per month. Haynes is often one of the first to arrive and greet students each school day. He assists them off the bus and ensures they arrive at class safely. Haynes also lends a hand during PE class, helping students participate in volleyball, jump rope, shuffleboard and other activities.

A regular at school events and functions, Haynes has been involved with the Haynes-Inman Education Center since its inception when the local Guilford County School system approached him about selling some of his land for the school. The school, which opened in 2010, is named in part for Hayne's granddaughter, Meredith, who had mental and physical disabilities.

"Thurman Haynes reminds us all how important it is to celebrate life on a daily basis," said Kevin Carr, the principal of Haynes-Inman Education Center. "You can't buy what Thurman brings to Haynes-Inman. His dedication and the respect and love he gives others is amazing."

Haynes additionally won the Salute to Senior Service state award for North Carolina. As both the state and national winner, Haynes earned a total of $5,500 for his charity of choice – donated by Home Instead, Inc. Haynes also has a spot on the Salute to Senior Service Wall of Fame where his story is posted.

"We are honored to present the national Salute to Senior Service award to Thurman Haynes," said Jeff Huber, president of Home Instead, Inc. "Thurman's longstanding service to the Haynes-Inman Education Center demonstrates so well the significant and meaningful impact senior volunteers have on their communities every day. He also proves age is irrelevant when it comes to making a positive difference in the lives of others."

Rev. Friddle remarked, “I tell him all the time what an inspiration he is to the rest of us.  He is everything that is right about being a Christian and I truly wish we could get others to follow his lead.  He tells me that he just loves people and that is very visible with the way he lives his life.”

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Nonetheless, Haynes — who lives in Jamestown, just a couple hundred yards up the road from the school — has been named the national winner of the Salute To Senior Service contest, sponsored by Home Instead Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network. He was selected from thousands of nominees and 50 state-level winners.

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