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  • WEEKLY DIGEST: Week of September 7, 2014

    Sep. 12, 2014 The Digest is an easy way to catch up on all of the stories that have been published in the last week. Each story is linked to the original, and there is a short excerpt. You may want to share this digest on your church's website so that they know what has been happening in our conference and beyond.

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  • NC Wesleyan Schedules 2nd Annual Pastor's Breakfast

    Sep. 12, 2014 Pastors of the Western North Carolina Conference are invited to North Carolina Wesleyan's 2nd Annual Pastors Breakfast, October 2, 2014 from 9am To 11am in the Garner Lobby Of The Dunn Center for Performing Arts.

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  • Join Bishop Goodpaster for “Journey Through The Bible” Pilgrimage

    Sep. 11, 2014 Registrations are continuing to come in for the February 9-19, 2015 “Journey through the Bible” Holy Land pilgrimage led by Bishop Larry Goodpaster. We want to invite you to join us for this significant experience in helping the Bible live more fully in your life.

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  • Events for Your Calendar

    Sep. 11, 2014 Assorted events from Lake Junaluska, Hinton Rural Life Center and the Chrysalis Counseling Center that can be added to your calendars:

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  • Dr. Derrick-Lewis Noble to speak at Ski Lake Junaluska

    Sep. 11, 2014 Ski Lake Junaluska’s winter season will kick off with a New Year’s Celebration featuring Dr. Derrick-Lewis Noble and worship band TransMission on December 30 - January 1.

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  1. September 2014
    1. 09/14/2014, 12:00pm to 09/17/2014, 12:00pm
      Dr. Marcia McFee Worship Planning Retreat
    2. 09/14/2014, 2:30pm
      Healthcare Informational Session
    3. 09/15/2014, 9:30am
      Healthcare Informational Session
    4. 09/18/2014, 1:30pm to 5:30pm
      True Resiliency: Transforming Pastoral Stress into Ministry Success
    5. 09/20/2014, 9:00am to 5:00pm
      Manna and Mercy Course
    6. 09/23/2014, 10:00am to 09/25/2014, 10:00am
      Faith in Our Music
    7. 09/24/2014, 9:30am to 1:30pm
      Lunch and Learn- Chrysalis Counseling Center
    8. 09/27/2014, 9:30am to 3:00pm
      Inspire Living Worship
    9. 09/27/2014
      UMVIM/WNCC 2014 Reunion/Rally
    10. 09/28/2014, 2:00pm
      Conversation about the Future of The United Methodist Church


Conference Blog

Real Pastoral Care

By A.J. Thomas

“Are you a visiting pastor?” It was the initial get-to-know-you meeting with SPRC before the appointment started, and the oldest member of the committee wanted to know how much visiting I would do. This fall, many clergy evaluations will include some sentiment of “We’d like to see our pastor visit more.” We all know that no matter how much we do, it will never be “enough.”

We clergy and laity are often co-conspirators that the pastor is the professional whose services are contracted and paid for by the congregation. In short, the minister to paid to do the ministry, which in many of our congregations, includes an increasing amount of pastoral care.

What about the ministry of the laity?

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Becoming a Peacemaker: A Reflection

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” How you can answer God’s call for peacemakers? Sophia Agtarap shares what it means to be a peacemaker and offers the Serenity Prayer as a tool to help us spread peace in the world and peace in our hearts.

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